A Family Tradition

For Jacob Liberman, chocolate was more than a mere indulgence it was a passion that soon became a way of life. The sweet affair began in 1936, when Jacob became a master Chocolatier in Europe. He practiced his art in Belgium and Germany before settling down with his family in North America, where he established a confisserie. He brought with him the old-world way of making exquisite fine chocolates. Jacob created his delicacies in small batches, using unique blends of Belgian chocolate, and only the purest and freshest ingredients. His methods and secret recipes were later passed on to his son George who embraced his father's passion for excellence. George brought the quality and design his father perfected to the mass market in 1976 in a 3,000 square foot factory. Today, George and his son Doug continue to bring to market top quality chocolate and cutting designs and decorating techniques in a 90,000 square foot factory.

Splendid Chocolates takes great pride in quality. We are an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) quality controlled company and a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified plant.

Our plant is also OUD Kosher certified.